Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goin' camping again

Every year we go on an annual camping trip with my dad's side of the family, the Marqueses (Uncle Randy, Uncle Jimmy, Grandpa). The Webb's were able to join us for last year but not this year due to an extension of the family, Dominic, not being old enough.
Because of every one's various locations, we always try to meet somewhere halfway for everyone. Though everyone except Uncle Randy seem to end up traveling the farthest... but that's another story. We like going to places with lakes because my Uncle Randy has wave-runners.

Last year we went to Lake Tawakoni (where all the pictures were taken). If you're from east Texas then you most likely know how to pronounce "Tawakoni". For everyone else, here's a hint: it isn't phonetic.
This year we're going to Lake Texoma and surprise, surprise, we're actually going to stay in cabins! We have always stayed in good old-fashioned tents but the vote was against them this year. Besides, it tends to get pretty hot in Texas during the summer.
We'll be gone Thursday--Sunday. We'll try to blog during the trip but if not, expect pictures and a long post next week.

Dad and Caro... having a spit war. Caro claims to was really just water. Notice only them two are playing...

Sophia on the wave-runner with my Dad

Playing football with only six people.

Well, now you know what Caro is really like; pushing unsuspecting cousins into the water.

Group photo!

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Nicole said...

Nice! Hope you guys have lots of fun and tell everyone that I love them!!!!! Be safe!


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