Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life in the Webb home (Day One & Two)

Sophia woke up Saturday feeling rather "lonely" because my family had left without saying goodbye. Tears were shed but they were quickly dried when she remembered Nani (my mom) was coming back on Thursday... and because she had chocolate milk to drink with her breakfast. Dominic was so tired from all the eating and sleeping that he does. Nicole tried a wool diaper cover for him for the first time and she really liked it.We spent kind of a laid-back day with Bolt (very funny movie), popcorn, baking shortbread, and friends to visit. However, dinnertime was another story. After many fake tears and getting spanked numerous times, Mia finally finished her food and walked off sticky, but happy to the bathtub. So Nicole and I sat down and began to eat some delicious shortbread with jelly. A disgusted scream, made by Sophia, came from the bathroom minutes later, "EW!" Yes, it's true. Mia hadn't finished her last bite of vegetables and somehow felt compelled to spit it out into the bathtub. I found Mia sitting there laughing while Sophia was trying her best to avoid the bits of food while still yelling for help.

So, that was Day One.

Sunday was also pretty laid-back. Poor Nicole had to endure being spit up on in the wee hours of the morning. She's thankful it didn't get anywhere else but on her and Dominic. Mia joined me in reading devotions while we waited for Sophia to wake up. After breakfast, we did our catechism and devotions for about an hour. Now, since my family is full of girls, I tend to forget how different boys are. Particularly when you change their diapers. Dominic caused all sorts of commotion (gasping and screaming) when the walls behind him got very wet all of a sudden. Nicole, the intelligent one, put the diaper back over him to prevent further wetness. We all laughed and then gave him (and the walls) a good scrub. Grandpa and Grandma Webb stopped by after lunch for a short visit. After Mia went down for a much-needed nap, the rest of us played Trap The Caps until Nicole mercilessly won. Seriously, she really whooped us. Sophia and I then enjoyed a cup of tea with shortbread while Nicole joined Mia in sleep land. After the sleepy people got up, we made flautas (kind of like a taco) for dinner and once again, the little girls battled to finish their food. This time I checked to make sure Mia had actually swallowed her food before she was excused from the table. After reading Sir Maggie the Mighty: A Book About Obedience about 20 times, I can safely say that I have memorized it and I can rhyme pretty well now.

Similar to Elena's experience with the Apodaca family, I have found that a schedule is one of the most helpful things. Even if you don't get everything done, you can always refer back to it when you're not sure what to do next. It keeps you focused on what needs to be accomplished for the day and it's very satisfying to look at your list and see that everything is done.

In Christ,


Margarita Marques said...

Mica, I am roaring at all your comments. I know what sort of days you must be having...oh what bliss. I love you sweetie:)

Ashlee said...

We missed you Sunday at church, but I can see now that you are having a marvelous time with your family. Mia and Sophia are beautiful, and I am sure Dominick has found his rightful place as the first boy. :) (Even if he does spontaneously spray the walls and himself) Make sure you don't have too much fun.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Keep them coming...

Abigail said...

haha, what an adventure! =)

Mitz said...

Seeing Caro was just a reminder of how much we miss you guys!!! I love the pics!!!!


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