Sunday, June 7, 2009

Phrases and sayings I have learned and translated while serving as a nanny.

One of the joys of helping families after the birth of a baby is the little words and phrases you pick up in each home. Each family is different and naturally does nearly everything differently; from bath time to breakfast there is always room to adjust and learn new things.

However, something I have noticed is that no matter what home or family you are in, the use of the words "I" and "We" have a universal meaning: "You".

For example, today Nicole said: "Today I would really like to organize Sophie's closet, if I get that done then I will have accomplished a lot!"

Translation: Could you please organize Sophie's closet.
I know I am using the word "I" but I really mean you :)

Later Nicole said, "I'm going to transfer the diapers from the washer to hang on the clothsline"
Translation: Please go hang the diapers outside and put the cloth wipes in the dryer :)

In short, the majority of mothers use the words "I", "We", and "You" interchangably and liberally. I have seen this in many new mothers and my own Mom.
I always think it is comical when new mothers try to pretend they can do everyday tasks like re-organizing a closet just recently hit by a rabid bull or hanging out diapers on a clothsline that is nearly five feet taller than you.

But it makes me feel very strong and capable in a feminin, girly way :)
"I'll take out that trash for you Nicole,
no sense in a pretty lady like you doing a dirty job like this."


Margarita Marques said...

I especially like using 'we'...tomorrow 'we' will clean the exterior windows....and do not forget 'let us/let's'
"Let's wash the cars this evening"
"Let's make cookies for ____"
"Let's clean out the garage for dad"
I could go on and on...I am thankful that you (Elena) will be with the Webbs for a week, this time will be cherised by many not to mention how much we will miss you here in Houston. I love you. Keep the posts coming. I hope many visit and leave comments.

Nicole said...

Lol. I like that. Thank you Elena for helping out this week. WE love you!

Olivia said...

As a nanny, that little insight will prove to be very helpful. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I too have enjoyed reading this blog. The music is something to cherish...Thanks for making my day!


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