Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Dubai Girls,

Dear Dubai girls,
I thought I could update you gals about these past few days, while I wait for you guys to post(ahem).
Let's see, where shall I start.
I cried.
Well, not exactly, but that Tuesday, it rained and it made me feel gloomy.
I sanded my desk, cleaned the bathroom (all-by-myself), slept in Elena's bed (after I sanded my desk), made use of both your closets (I really like Mica's cardigans), I am the designated salad chef for lunch and dinner, and I have Skyped the Webbies. They are currently in Pampa and plan to return Thursday. Oh! and I was very nerdy and watched the special features for The Return of the King, while I "sewed".
This past week, I've had the first sentences of this song in my head. Connection? Maybe.

Oh, for those who are unaware, Elena and Mica are in Dubai, for six weeks, with our dear friends the Neals.

At the airport!
They just grow up so fast(fake sniff)!

If you remember, awhile back Mia Hood planted some watermelon seeds, and I have kept them up.
But I honestly didn't think anything would come of it, until now.
Can you find the watermelon?

There it is!
Along with my hand, to give you an idea how big it is.

Here are some of the pictures of Mica's graduation party(a couple of Thursdays ago)!
Note the little girls' matching skirts that Nani made for them.

Last Thursday, we went with the Malott's to the Health and Medical Science museum. They actually had some neat stuff there! As you can see from the above, Cameron liked his 3D glasses. :)

BUT, on Wednesday night, we went to the premiere of Grafted! Most of the families that participated in the film (Scotts, Beaches, Loyd's, Frye's, Baucham's, Rectors, Urback's, and Shiflets) had their "Grafted" shirts on, from adult to baby! It was such a sweet film, hearing everyone's stories, seeing pictures and old video footage.

Oh yeah, and Lizzie got her hair cut!

Caleb (directer), John (all-around film guy/composer), and Lisa (producer).
Something tells me they like their sunglasses...


Hickory Haven Housekeeper said...

Dear Caro,
Welcome to my world, where EVERY day is sisterless. Now you know what its like. Its not that bad actually, but it does get lonely sometimes. :) Love you and thinking of you.

Carolina said...

How I feel for you!
Thanks for the comment. :)


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