Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elena!

Dear Elena,
I. Love. You.
I can't believe that you are finally 21! It seemed like just last month that people were asking what grade you're in(inside joke).
So, now you can (legally) order alcohol at restaurants, get your CHL, and buy a hand gun--I think.
Sorry that I didn't post this sooner, but I haven't had immediate access to the computer till recently.
But anyway, I wanted to let you know that you are a special sister, friend, and example to me!
Hope you have-- or had-- a blessed birthday!
And I also pray that you will come home safely to us.
Love you!

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Don't worry, I spared you from posting other pictures, and decided to play it safe.

Visited the Ima Hogg house--no joke, its a real name-- for your bitrthday.

Visiting with the McNeil's during our North Trip.


Happy belated birthday!

Caro :)

P.S Let's pretend I posted this just a day after your birthday,
not nearly a week after.

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