Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Part of Joanna's art portfolio for college. A pen and ink of the heart.
Elena in front of a house turned into an antique store.
Houdini's favorite spot.
So many choices!
Elena and I thought this was pretty funny :).
Bagels! Best way to cheat on the gluten free diet :).
Cozy for family worship :).
Another of Joanna's art projects.
This bridge is a short walk from the Raymund's house.
Sleepy Hollow cemetery.

Dad, Elena, and Caro at the cemetery.
Going to the movies!
Joanna, Caro, Elena, and I in front of the Raymund's house.
Inside Apple Farm grocery store.


The Armour Family said...

You guys - girls, shall I say! - always have the cutest pictures. I enjoy looking at all of your new posts.



fatshark said...

Very nice pictures - some good memories!


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