Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts on Heavy Troubles

When the black clouds gather most, the light is the more brightly revealed to us.
It is a blessed thing that when we are most cast down, then it is that we are most lifted up by the consolations of the Spirit. One reason is, because trials make more room for consolation.
Great hearts can only be made by great troubles.
The humbler a man lies, the more comfort he will always have,
because he will be more fitted to receive it.
There is no cry so good as that which comes from the bottom of the mountains;
no prayer half so hearty as that which come up from the depths of the soul,
through deep trials and afflictions.
Hence they bring us to God and we are happier; for nearness to God is happiness.
Come, troubled believer, fret not over your heavy troubles,
for they are the heralds of weighty mercies.

~Charles H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening pg. 86

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Callithump a.k.a. Us said...

Thank you, Elena! What a beautiful quote.


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