Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brazos Bend Camping Pictures...

Some would call it crazy, others would call it cool or scary , and some say interesting, but yes, we did go camping to Brazos Bend State Park. Being in charge of the camping pictures, I, after much thinking and hard decisions, present the camping pictures.

Day one:

Our campsite.

Elena and Lisa on the trail.

We saw this snake on the side of the trail and it was eating a dead frog.

Up on the Observation tower, looking at the view.


Ms. Lisa and Isaac.

These spiders were everywhere along the trail.
These are called Golden silk orb-weaver spiders, or I have heard that they are also called banana spiders.
There were several of these nests in the ceiling of a covered little balcony that is on the side of the trail which overlooks one of the lakes.

As we were drove into our campsite coming from a long walk, we had our first encounter with our charming neighbors: the raccoons.

Day two.
Laura helping to swing John.

A blue heron.

Can you find the alligator? Its tail and head?
Well, you can see that Ray Wade was very close to it.

Family picture with Ms. Lisa. :)

The Pedersen family all in a row.

Going home, wet and cold.
But I have to say it was pretty fun. :)

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