Monday, October 19, 2009

And the winner is...

...well, to be quite honest we had a difficult time "randomly" choosing a winner. Each persons story made us laugh and we enjoyed reading your favorite quotes!

Our special favorite story was from Becca,

"For my comical memory: One day our neighbor gave us a great big stuffed monster. It was about six-feet long and orange with big purple polka-dots. It was stuffed tightly with little Styrofoam balls. Mama said we must throw it away because it might pop and make a mess. So we put it in our garbage dumpster, but it didn’t fit! Its head stuck out and made it look like Oscar the Grouch. Later, our other neighbors’ cleaning ladies saw it. They squealed and took it away!"

And our favorite quote was from our friend Joseph,

"There is no disgrace in a failure, only in a failure to try."
-Theodore Roosevelt

In the end we decided for Mom to pick names out of a hat, and she pulled out...
Laura Pedersen from We the Pedersens!
Thank you for reading and commenting Laura! We loved reading your entry!
You will be hearing from us about getting your special, mysterious prize :)


Anna Mc. said...

How fun! I love that picture at the top:)

Richard said...

OK. Now I must protest in WRITING. I tried to offer a verbal and personal rebuttal but I was ignored. Now I have to post so all can see. I'm sure Laura could be a gracious winner however, I'm the rightful winner of this contest! I'd like a bike rack for my car. Thanks for all you do and your encouragement!


Mia said...

I agree with your dad!!! Hands down he should win, but others may view that as being bias!

We wanted to invite all of you over for lunch today. I know it is last minute but were hoping you could join us!!! Love The Hood's


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