Monday, October 12, 2009

The Big 200 and a special giveaway!: celebrated mostly in pictures.

Well, we have done it; after starting this blog in August of last year, we have come quite a bit from our first few posts. It has been so fun to be able to share each of our different trials, lessons, and joys. It's wonderful to be able to look back and see the maturity and growth in each post.
Here are some pictures taken this weekend.

Thank you so much for reading and contributing to our blogging experience! Each of us enjoy posting and

We hope that the Lord will continue to be glorified in future posts and that you would continue to read and comment!

In celebration of this goal reached and an expression of our own excitement at writing 200 posts, we would like to send someone a special surprise! To enter this giveaway please write us one (or more) of the following:

~Your favorite quote

~Most comical memory

~Unique way you are being industrious in your home

You have until midnight of the 17th of October (or this Saturday) to send us one of the above! Then we will announce the winner that next Monday. So hurry and get your contributions sent in before midnight on Saturday!

Isn't this exciting? :)

*Correction: please leave a comment to enter the giveaway; our email address is temporarily unavailable.


Big Daddy Marques said...

I'd like to join this drawing. What are my chances of winning???
I'm counting the comments also.

Micaela said...

Big Daddy Marques,

to enter into the drawing, you must comment with one of the following:
-your favorite quote
-most comical memory
-unique way you are being industrious in your home

Thanks for reading our blog!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

hi! i just found your cute blog! one unique way that i am being industrious in my home is by listening to sermons or praise & worship music on my ipod while doing chores. it sure makes them alot more fun!
blessings to you ladies,
: )

The Pedersen Family said...

Is there a prize if we do all three? Now, I can't guarantee that this is my favorite quote or most comical memory, but here goes:

1. Temptation is an opportunity to conquer. When we eventually reach the goal to which we are all striving, God will look us over, not for diplomas, but for scars. (Peter Marshall)

2. One summer, some of us children went camping with my grandparents on a piece of undeveloped mountain property that they own. John, Seth, and I decided to sleep outside that night, despite the fact that it was cold and threatening rain. Early in the morning, I awakened to the mooing of cows! I looked over, and there was a whole herd of cows, just a little ways away. We were a little worried about what might happen if they decided to come through where we were! Fortunately they didn't, so we weren't forced to make a hasty retreat. By dawn, we were cold and damp, but we had stayed out all night. As John said, paraphrasing a family motto, "We were dumb, but we were tough."

3. This week, I'm assembling conference name badges!

Congratulations on your big 200! I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and happenings. Keep up the good work!


The Pedersen Family said...

Dear Marqueses,

This is is one of my favorite quotes: The grass is always greener on the other side.

This is one of my comical memories: When we started taking vitamins, one of them was the E vitamin. The first morning we had them, someone who shall remain nameless, squeezed his vitamin and all the liquid inside of it squirted out!

Your faithful blog reader,

Laura H. Pedersen

Becca said...

Here is a quote I like: Those who are flexible will not be bent out of shape.

For my comical memory: One day our neighbor gave us a great big stuffed monster. It was about six-feet long and orange with big purple polka-dots. It was stuffed tightly with little Styrofoam balls. Mama said we must throw it away because it might pop and make a mess. So we put it in our garbage dumpster, but it didn’t fit! Its head stuck out and made it look like Oscar the Grouch. Later, our other neighbors’ cleaning ladies saw it. They squealed and took it away!

And my unique way of being industrious at home is coloring sharing table stickers.


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