Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Fact Of The Day

Recently Nicole had the fun experience of getting crayon out of a whole load of laundry. Well, for all you hard-working mom's out there, here is how to get crayon out of laundry:

First, spray contaminated area with WD-40 (or something with consistency of crayon)*. Next, scrub gently until you get tired of it. Then scrub area with dish soap for a little while. Put it in the washing machine normally. After it's done, inspect clothing to ensure all crayon is out. If not, repeat with WD-40 and so on. If yes, throw into dryer like regular.
I hope this helps all those clothes!
In Christ,
* Whenever getting stains out of laundry, use products with similar consistency of stain (crayon--WD-40)

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