Friday, March 27, 2009

Long, Long, Time... No Writing...

You may have noticed that I have not posted in 51 posts!

Three reasons: 1. there has not been a computer available, 2. a particular Pickwick team member occupies the computer most of the time, 3. I have not had anything worth telling. Well I guess only 2 reasons. But anyhow I have been recently been working on my clay and after some making, baking, and cooling I would like to present to you some pictures of the finishing project...

Eggs anyone?

Ok, our first plate is a sandwich, chips and sour cream. our second plate is a sandwich, french fries and ketchup. We now come to our breakfast plate that has over easy egg and toast with jam.

We also have are lovely one-of-kind "Blue Plate special". A tea set, tea cup (with cream on top), a pretty vase, and yet another tea cup with painted flowers, and last, but not least, peanut butter and jelly sandwich with green apples.

Pick a tea, any tea. Pick a color, almost any color. Pick a tea cup, any tea cup.

Would you like a salad and a sandwich? Or maybe you would like a hard boiled egg and tea? I know you want a slice of pie.

Time for dessert! We have some lovely cakes. We have lemon cake, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, little-bit-of-chocolate-cake, and (lastly) cherry pie.

One last thought, I'd just like to throw in that I am selling these pieces and yes, these are all one-of-a-kind pieces :).


Anonymous said...

I love it! These look great. You need to post a penny or something that gives the reader an idea about how small these items are.

Alex said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cool! The food looks so real! Awesome job, Caro!

Nicole said...

Wow! That is talent for you! I am so impressed with your work. I haven't showed Sophie yet but she is going to love those. Very cool.

Janiece said...

Those are really neat! I agree, it would be nice to see them next to a penny to get an indea for how big they are. Thank you for posting your creations!

Carolina said...

Thank you, ya'll. I like the idea of using the pennies to show how small they are. Thanks, and I'll keep it in mind for next time.

Caro :)


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