Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A generous gift...

Most everyone has a family friend who is really one of the family. They were around since before you remember and are included in the happenings of your family, likewise you are included in theirs. Well, the Popielarczyk family has been that for us. Aunt Karen and my Mom went to nursing school together, skippe classes together, and cooked in each others kitchens. Jordan and I went through numerous fights resulting in scolding by whichever Mother was present; and then we made up like the best friends we were.
I could go on with various stories of playing, laughing, spanking, and the exchanging of lockets (Which we used as weapons later). This is to say that they will always be included in our lives and ours in theirs.
Well, last night Aunt Karen gave me a portion of her Depression Glass. Her Mother in law collected and has given some to my Aunt; she read my post on the beginning of my collection, and last night after a brief visit she gave me some pieces from two patterns of a lovely pink depression glass!
I am very excited and thankful for this loving gift.


Chrys said...

It's beautiful! What a lovely, special gift!


Ray said...

This is a very pretty pattern Elena! I believe my Mom has some very similar. Do you know the official name of the pattern? :-)


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