Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Again

Mica and I are home again from being with the Loyd family this past week.
It was a wonderful experience and we were happy to be there, and while I went through the day I thought about what to write. There were so many little things that I learned being with their family.

One of the prominent things that I noticed during the week was the refreshing peacefulness that was in their home.
It is not something one might expect from a home with four small children and a newborn, and in my experience it is not something easily attained.
Now please don't misunderstand me, when I say "peacefulness" I don't mean the hushed silence from a library or the strained absence of sound from a high end department store.
This was a serene, peaceful atmosphere that carried throughout the week; even when one of the children had to be disciplined, supper was late, or for some reason two of the children could not seem to agree on whose toys belonged to whom.
Mr. and Mrs. Loyd have their priorities in order; they know that keeping the frames dusted is not as important as training their children. They know that impressing the fear of the Lord in their childrens hearts has much more of a purpose than a tidy schoolroom.
They realize that have five precious souls to answer for before God; that it is no small thing to do what they are doing.
They are dependent upon God and look to the Bible for their direction and strength.
These are the reasons for their cheerful and joy filled home and I pray that I can have the same sort of home one day :)

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Joshua said...

Thank you again for your gracious help this past week. I cannot express the gratitude we have for such undeserved help from you and your sister. Thank you also for your kind words concerning our sometimes crazy household. Janiece and I have been praying that we would not be the only ones to be blessed by this past week. In the midst of our own weaknesses and faults I'm thankful before God that He was able to teach you through your time here. May he continue to shape you into distinguished and gracious young women of God.


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