Friday, September 26, 2008

Me and my wisdom teeth, or lack thereof...

So yesterday I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted as well as a frenectomy (sp?). It was quite an experience as a was "Put under" during the surgery. The nurse said I should not talk afterwards because of the six stitches that might come loose in my mouth; this made communication difficult, especially since I am not fluent in ASL or any tribal grunting languages. The worst part was that I really had to use the ladies room, but since I couldn't verbalize that I give Mica my best "Get me into that restroom if you value your life" look. Thankfully it proved to be quite effective. Besides that the other inconvenient thing was my inability to feel the lower half of my face, which made putting on my crack-I mean chap stick quite an ordeal.
Afterwards My Mommy bought me a lime slushy from Sonic (I was supposed to have cold things that day), gold star for her. Really everyone in my family has been so sweet and compassionate, even though I do look like a squirrel with my winter supply in my mouth! I feel so thankful and blessed.
This post may sound self-absorbed or something but what else do you expect from someone who has never had any reason to go the hospital (Excluding the time when I was dropped and craked my skull, but that was an "accident"). In any case, thank you for being so patient :)

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Anna said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went smoothly! I had mine out last fall, and waking up from the anesthesia and the salt water rinses were definitely my least favorite parts!

We'll be praying that you recover quickly!


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