Thursday, September 11, 2008

Austin pictures

I was planning on posting about our trip with words but Caro beat me to it. Since she didn't put up any pictures, I'll do that instead.

On the road to Austin...

Sophia doing the hula hoop at her house

Us girls at the baby shower

Lots of people who were at the baby shower...

Sophia and Mia playing with the hose :)

The huge TV in our hotel room that we didn't even watch...

Wild Mia!

Elena, Sophia, and Caro lounging on the huge couch

Nicole and the crazy Mia (she was attacking Nicole from behind)

A little more laid-back but I still love the wildness
A cool looking house downtown

Everyone's shoes (some new and others old)

A COOL storm cloud!

I just so happened to get the squirrel story from Sophia on my voice recorder so I'll be posting that very soon! She changed the story ever so slightly but it's still very...interesting :).

In Christ,



Jasmine said...

I love the picture of you girls ~you're all so beautiful!

And... what an interesting assortment of footwear... :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!
I hope yall are doing okay!
Talk to you soon,


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