Friday, November 2, 2012

Jumpy Places, a Wedding, and Camping

The Webbies, Apadocas, and Burdell kids at the the Jumpy Place!
Hurrah for Jumpy places! Those are awesome places to go in the morning (no grimy kids...besides ours), have kids burn energy (without being attacked by mosquitoes and heat stroke), and all in one room. Also, it is such an amazing spark for me kids to use your imagination. We celebrated Mia birthday with going to the Jumpy Place and having pizza and cupcakes with the fam.

That evening we all attended Emily and Nathan's Celidah. Everyone had a lovely time dancing. Bedtime that night was usual (which is somewhere close to, or past, twelve).

All the lovely sweets!
At 6:00 am I woke up and convinced myself that taking a shower would make me happy and awake. It didn't. I could still have gone to bed just as well. 
But once we went to the church I woke up.
Many people had come two hours early, thinking we would be short on time to prepare. But (thankfully) we finished everything with plenty of time to spare.
And yes, if you were wondering, I am aware that the "N and E" picture is upside down.

Dear Elizabeth Knippa with (some) of her faithful work on the table

The Reception.

As we sat around the the table and talked, the girls requested Eva's presence, and being the youngest at the table, I brought the baby over. :P
Eva can be quite the catch! She was making everyone work for her smile. Sarah was able to get a smile, after a cell phone was given to Eva, and then Eva was transferred to Anna and Eva gave another smile. 
As the reception came to a natural close (everyone was getting hungry for dinner), Nathan and Emily began to make their escape.

Becca, after a long day of attending a wedding. :)

The new and fresh, Mr and Mrs. Nathan Serven! 

One of my favorite family's.

Mia took a little, unintentional, dip into the lake

Eva and I stole a quick footsie shot (my toes compliments of Aunt Gaby and Eva's are compliments from mommy).

Dom with Grandma's eye shades and Grandpa with Dom's sunglasses!

The Girls. A little side note is that Elena did Emmy's hair in this style.
So, on Thursday after Emily's wedding we geared up and went camping to Pedenales falls. I'm afraid I didn't take too many pictures besides these :(. But other more dedicated bloggers captured some photos.

This is the third or fourth recommendation from our dear friends the Loyd's, and I'm a little bit hooked.
I gobbled read this book in five days. I always forget how much I like fantasy/ adventure/ fiction books, till I read one. Haven't decided if I completely like this one, so I'm reading the series. 
If you've read it tell me what you think.

I told Mica this looks like the place for some really artsy person to make an inde-music video. Can't you see some artsy people coming down the hill with their guitars?
Down at the splendidly cool creek (or river depends where you're from).  This song came to mind almost every single time we came down to the river.

            Caro :)

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