Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All in one day.

 We had a day of two events that have nothing in common besides that they were all in one day. 
We were on the road by dark-thirty in the morning, and arrived at our friend's farm by 7:30.

A beautiful, foggy morning! The pastures with their horses (or cows) looked so picturesque.

The Chickens. Or "The Meat"

Bringing in the chickens
Sophia was a little bit shy at first, but by the end she was in there catching the chickens

Cameron after a -ahem!- water hose war...

How many clowns fit in the car ?

"The last melon!"... or chicken. We had started cleaning when the last chicken was discovered, it also was one of the heaviest.

Literally, when we got home, we showered, talked, then went to our next event:
Bruce Munsterman and  Peter Steigerwald.

A dear friend of ours gave us tickets to join him at KHCB's 50th anniversary celebration at 1st Baptist.Though I'm not a dedicated radio listener (for any station) it was neat to see all the talkshow host in person and see all the volunteers too.

Kristyn Getty reading some scripture.
Part of the celebration was a little concert from Keith and Kristyn Getty. They sang "By Faith", "In Christ Alone", "The Power of the Cross", a beautiful lullaby to their daughter, and a unique rendition of  "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".

Space shuttle astronaut, Colonel Jeff  William, gave a testimony of his time in space looking at the world...

John MacArthur was the speaker for the evening.

He spoke on Isaiah 53

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