Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goodbye Nealy's

The best way to think about the last two weeks with the Neal's is cramming three days to one, without the extra days of sleep. I can speak for all of us in saying that we loved every minute of it (cause hey, being exhausted with someone else so much better).
Monday was our "bumming around day", and unintentionally the first day of school for public schooled kids (everyone posting pictures of their kids, all neat and fresh, while we are in our PJ's eating breakfast from morn to eve). We watched movies, and made sure the blinds were shut all day!
 It was great.
Tuesday the Neal's and Mica went to the Vaughn's for the day, Elena baby-sat, and Mom and I cleaned. That was probably the quietest day.
Riding horses with our friends the Bingham's
Wednesday was all-day at the Binghams up in Conroe area, and our Christless Christianity  small group.
All the girls loved going horseback-riding -even Mrs. Jackie went riding. We also made cheese, (some of us) went four-wheeling, and played many rounds of foosball.

Johnny and David.

Making mozzarella goat cheese
 I wasn't around for the actually making of the cheese, but I helped stretch it! Stretching the cheese almost reminded me of warming polymer clay in your hands.

Jo -she was being really cute the day they left.

Thursday we packed a bit, had some friends from morn to afternoon and then had some more friends drop by after dinner.
Friday was busy; 9:30 piano, 10:15 violin, friend for lunch, and dare I mention packing and last minute errands!

Note that these are just the main events in between the basic everyday things (cleaning, blaring loud music while washing the dishes , answering questions, playing multiple rounds of cards and Mancala, laughing over daily incidents, dishing out fish oils,  and making salads)

Getting into the car, after giving hugs and kisses to the Neal's, I was so tired but I already missed them!
 No one to carry down from naptime, talk to at night, put in a headlock, answer wide-eyed questions, or help find their shoes.
Goodbye Nealy's!

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Thanks for sharing your on this post! I love living thru your eyes...


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