Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mushrooms, birthdays, and baby Eva

Well, let me update you'll about our past couple weeks...

"Your dinner!"

Dommy giving his cheesy smile for the meal.

Baby hands are SO precious, as well as the whole baby!

A Sunday, or so, ago, we had the privilege to ride in a certain somebody's Mustang convertible!
I know, "sweet ride", that's what I said too.
Thanks Naquins!

Though this picture doesn't quite capture it all, but there was this beautiful morning mist, that I just had to capture.
It looked like I was in some ethereal world.

Okay, last month, it had to do a experiment in Biology with mushrooms. And it just so happened that some mushrooms had grown in our yard. So, with gloves and plate, I picked one of the mushrooms. I was going to remove the cap (the umbrella part) from the stipe (the "trunk" part) to collect some Basidiospores, and put under a microscope. I was trying to gently shake them from the cap, but what started coming out instead, WAS NOT little seed-like thingys. Suddenly--or maybe it just seemed suddenly-- all these little maggots started seeping out of the cap! Okay, roaches are one thing--though Mica would disagree with me---but maggots are just...just gross!!! Amusingly enough, Mica found it all fasinating, while I was completely grossed out, but she persuaded me to get one and look at it under the microscope. It was actually pretty cool to see the maggot's organs--the light from the microscope, made its body transparent--moving (of course, after a while of the maggot being squished in a slide, its organs stopped moving).
Thank you Scott's for letting me borrow your microscope!

Eva, very thoughtful and pensive in the outside.
More to come!

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