Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthdays, cereal, and cute kids

[ For some strange reason, this scheduled post, did not get posted. Oh well, here it is]
This is really a "part two" of my previous post .
So, earlier this month our church had it fall FIC Conference, which was held all the way up in Conroe.
This was a short stretch to drive, for all the people who live in Conroe, but not so much for all of us Spring folks. Now, it was convenient for us, cause it gave us an excuse to stay with our dear friends the Hoods, in their new house!

Which is quite lovely!

Mia and Mia, or " the Mia's"!

Nate, being a little man!

So, after the conference, we had a "surprise" party for my Dad! I say "surprise", because we had several leaks-- particularly little kids and emails-- but in the end it was all good!

You may be wondering what's the deal with the cereal, well, it Dad's idea. He had mentioned a while back that it would be a neat idea, for a party, to have everyone bring their own cereal. And that's exactly what we did! Everyone enjoyed everyone else's cereal, and we supplied the milk.
It was a hit!

Eva! Look at little yummy arms and hands!
I just had to add her in.

Sophia, showing us her acrobatic moves.

"Looking out to sea!"
"Watching the approaching danger!"
or, just daydreaming at the same time. :)

A sweet friend in Austin, had a surprise party that we had to go to, a couple Saturdays ago.

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Shelbi said...

Oh, I see we have a mutual friend!
I just noticed my friend Susanna in the last photo!! =)

Your niece Eva is SO adorable!


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