Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Trip: Quail Eggs, Good stuff, and a Big Red Shoe...

Here are some pictures of our trip. And these pictures are specifically Virginia and Washington D.C. which, for me, I really enjoyed seeing the sights in D.C ; of course I enjoyed the entire trip, but for starters, here are pictures of mostly D.C:

Virginia Welcome center!

Some leaves Elena picked up while waiting for mom.

The Whole Foods in D.C. had non-homogenized milk, Ostrich eggs, duck eggs, and quail eggs!
This is the inky-dinky quail egg.

Right outside the train station a huge red shoe presides. So of course, mom makes us take a picture in front of it.:)

Walking in the beautiful scenery!

OK, we are from Texas, so to see a real tree so YELLOW, deserves a picture.
We like colorful trees.

Inside the capitol during the speedy tour.

I just couldn't get enough pictures of the capitol, it's so pretty and photogenic!

It also makes for great background in pictures.

When we got pizza ( at a restaurant called We the Pizza) for lunch, Mica was able to get some food of her own ( gluten-free).

The art gallery.

Elena's special day to find a $20 bill on the ground!

Walking up to the Washington Monument.

It was getting darker by the minute, but we continued to the Veterans Memorial, and we simply had to take a picture with Texas. :)

Sadly, this is the last clear picture that I have, but this was just Washington D.C.

P.S I had such a hard time deciding what to post of pictures. :)

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