Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple Joys

So, this past month I've been thinking about each "small" thing that the Lord is showing me, and I've started to record them in a small, special journal, entirely devoted to specific instances of His sweet faithfulness (I'd highly suggest this, it's so encouraging and precious to look back at His blessings and evidences of His work!). I have started to keep a regular journal again as well--hopefully I'll be more consistent with that! Mrs. Mitzi has kept quite a few these past years and she has said that it is so encouraging and refreshing to read about past struggles and prayers, not only to see how God has sanctified but also to remind what she needs to watch for now.
For myself, it's a bit shameful to read through past journals and diaries--honestly, I don't read them unless I am going through a major spring cleaning phase (in which case, I convince myself that I really ought to keep them).
I'm so grateful that I've started now, especially with this new season (with the Hoods) just beginning! I'm excited about the different ways the Lord will use for us to minister to each other and those around us.

So far, this season with the Hoods has magnified three things:

The good, the bad, and the joys of Life.

The Good
We are so blessed. God has been showing me all of the many sweet blessings in our life. We are able to live in a comfortable size home for both of our families. Our family is at an age and season where we can be quite flexible with our schedules (No nap times, feeding times, or diaper rashes for the Marques'). Many hands make light work and there are many opportunities to practice teaching an everyday chore (I haven't thought about what it means to really sweep the floor in a while!). Also, it is so much easier to do things when you have enthusiastic and grateful people watching!

The Bad
Pre-Hood Season we had a pretty "lazy day" schedule; as in, if I didn't get something specific done in the morning, I could easily push it out to the afternoon with no problem. Now I have a definite push to be more diligent with my time; sure I could spend all day studying, but really, there are so many other things and projects that ought to be done, that I need to use the time I have and use it well. There are lots of things that can be done in the day, there only needs to be time scheduled for each item :)

The joys of Life
I love being able to do fun things with the older Hood girls (Naomi can't join us just yet). It has been such a blessing to learn to include them in serving both families as well as spending time reading on the sofa. I love all of the things Abbey says and ways that she helps her siblings. I love the insight and questions Mia and Abbey bring to our family worship time. I love when Nate hugs us goodbye when we go for errands. I love the way Naomi runs around in her diaper (!!!).

These first few weeks have been encouraging and a blessing, and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead.

p.s. The skeins of yarn mostly represent the many projects and plans that are blooming in my mind--lots of knitting and crafty stuff to be done! They also represent the relaxing hobby that I can take with me everywhere; I know I'm being useful and industrious-even when I'm at a stoplight or incredibly long line-I think that is what relaxes me (in addition to the fact that I LOVE to knit).

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