Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{Letter to Dad}

Dear Dad,

As I type this I am sitting across from the Birthday Girl and I'm feeling pretty covert and secretive; I think it has something to do with the fact that I am writing about her and she doesn't know it that it so exhilarating (is this a bad habit?).
At any rate, I was just thinking that this time last year I was walking around sunny, balmy Florida with Mickey while everyone was home celebrating her birthday. Now you are the one a plane-ride away while we are here--I know how you must feel :)
Never fear, we didn't eat a speck of ice cream (or cake) without you, but please hurry and come home tomorrow (at Mia's request-she talked about ice cream and a movie all through dinner tonight).
Today we took the car to the mechanic (hence the above Rockwell-although Mr. Corbs was FAR more helpful than the man in the print), ran some errands, and raced home to find Nicole and the Stickies already in the driveway. Perfect :)

Well, I'm starting to prop up my eyelids with toothpicks so I'd better close. Seriously, we're praying that you arrive home safely tomorrow; as usual Mom REALLY misses you. Thankfully Sophie and Mia are keeping her company tonight :)

I love you dearly,


Tonight I bathed Dom in the kitchen sink, more for my enjoyment than his; it was so fun to rinse him off with the faucet, really beats bending over the bathtub--and he's just so edible in the sink!

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Richard said...

Dear Elena,

Unfortunately, I'm just now reading this since I thought the last post was the one you sent to me.

What a terrific post. I really was taken back by the effortless window you painted of home and what a joy it is to be at home with your family. This is truly what it is to be a family.


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