Saturday, November 13, 2010

O Lord, Let Me Not Be Merely Decorative!

Today I've found myself joking about a topic, on which I am a bit sore.
For those who know our family and have spent any amount of time with us recently (you know who you are), you'll know that we are soon to be a home of, not five, but eleven!
The Hoods are a dear family (that you've seen before) and we have treasured the times that we have fellowshipped with them over the past few years. As we start this new season it has been interesting to look back and see how the Lord has prepared us for this time; each of us in the Marques family have grown just be preparing for them to live with us. I love the familiarity we have with them and the joy that we have in our relationship!
Well, in addition to all of this we have much on our "To-Do" lists! Over the last few months there has been so much organizing, packing, purging, and cleaning in the house

(Why do we have so many bottles of nasal spray?? And how did all that stuff get in the wardrobe?? Who left all of these half done projects in the sewing room??
Oh, was probably me).

At any rate, it's brought out each of our industrious sides in a new way--and particularly, it's shown me two things (that I will share here):
First, it's shown me my lazy side (Oh, yes, there is such a thing!).
Not the lay-on-the-couch-reading-an-Anthro-catalogue, but rather the sort that says,
"How did I end up sorting buttons when I started off organizing the closet??" and, "Why did it take me so long to clear out this room??"
These frequent sights of my many shortcomings have served as a push for me to strive for diligence and structure to my hopelessly helter-skelter mind (I like to call it creativity)!

Secondly, this time has shown me the quiet help of a cheerfully, willing spirit.
A few weeks ago a nameless sister (Yes, she will go completely nameless during this post--only I and the rest of my family will know the answer!) went to my Mom, let her know that she had completely cleared her schedule, and wanted to know how she could help my Mom check of her to-do list. At first this slightly baffled me. I thought it was assumed that we would all help with the checking off of lists? Wasn't that why we were all working?
What I didn't realize was the greater help that a cheerfully, willing spirit brings.
It was so much more helpful for my nameless sister to let my Mom know that she had dedicated the final few weeks to helping with the transition, that if she had simply assumed that my Mom knew it already. It's the same as when you tell or show a member of your family that you love them. Hopefully, they should already know that without you having to tell them verbally, but it reinforces it and magnifies the love that you have for them. Since we're into similes, this is the same as our love for the Lord; naturally He knows that we-His children-love Him, but that doesn't and shouldn't stop us from showing Him. The knowledge that someone knows that we love them shouldn't hinder our reminding them and reinforcing that love.
Tonight my prayer is that I will not merely accessorize or decorate our family; I want to be a diligent and cheerful worker, who isn't lazy, and who does everything as unto the Lord! Not the one cutting out little trinkets all day, but someone who is industrious and brings the joy of the Lord to those whom she meets. By His grace I will be refined day by day (however painful that may feel like sometimes!).

These are two more reasons that I am grateful for the Hoods sharing our home. These a re a few of the sweet lessons that I've learned as a result of them coming, and I'm so looking forward to the future and what the Lord will do with our families as we join together!


Dear Nameless Sister (you know who you are),

I'm very sorry that you must remain nameless.
Reason: I wanted to post this tonight and as I am typing this,
I'm pretty sure you're sleeping.
So, for the sake of your beauty rest, and in the interest of preserving your privacy,
you will be nameless (for this post at least).
I'm still grateful for the example you have shown me of cheerful willingness,
this act of hiding your identity entirely and only reflects my desire to sustain
our good relationship through the night.
We can talk in the morning.

Sweet dreams!



Rebecca said...

Thank you for that reminder, Elena, of serving cheerfully and willingly...
Blessings on y'all's preparations!

Jennifer said...

Elena, I love this post! Beautifully written, and just what I needed to spur me on in my quest to use my time well. Loved your example of sorting buttons - that's me all over :)


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