Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teen Pact, the weary/fun time

Every year for the past three or four years us and some friends of ours go to this camp called
TeenPact , a Christian camp in Buda, TX (outside of Austin) where you go to the capital and learn about the government, write your own mock bills, etc. Well, we cook for the kids when they get back to the camp for dinner and early morning breakfast. We can always count on having a fun time.
So with that being said, I will show you a little peek of our time there:

Day 1:

Sunday, the day before we left; our Grandpa and Grandma came down from California to visit all the Texas family down here.

On our way to Austin, we stopped to take a break and so Lizzie and I had to stretch our legs. :)

After we picked up Rebbecca we were on our way to Buda, to the camp. I don't know if you can tell but we were packed to the BRIM, with food, clothes, bags, stuff, and people. :)

Immediately once we got to the camp we unloaded the food and set to work peeling 40lb. of potatoes, and mixing a ton of meat for meatloaf.

ALL the snacks that the students bring to eat after chapel.

Green beans!

The good old, worn swings.

Mica, getting all the bread ready.

After dinner we had to prepare the eggs for the next mornings breakfast, I believe we cracked and blended 120 eggs! Even though it tasted good after it was cooked, it did not look very appetizing in big pitchers all blended up.

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Richard said...

Very cool trip details. I loved the pics of the legs...which one was yours and which was Lizzies???



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