Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Additions

I want to be a Mother
Though children are considered
To be a burden-some a tire,
God has placed within my heart
A feminine desire.
I want to be a mother,
Children hanging 'round my skirt,
With lots of clothes and runny nose,
Small faces lined with dirt.
Lots of laundry to be washed
And dishes not a few;
Do you think that I'm insane
Or that this could be true?
Small bodies to be washed
Tiny children to be dressing.
I think that children ought

To be thought again a blessing.

Well, yesterday Nicole called us after her doctor's appointment and to make a long story short, she is scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning.
We are very excited to be going early to spend precious time with the Webbs before we meet this new Nameless Webb!
So, we are off to Austin this afternoon for a week and a half. Dad will be able to spend the weekend with us and then will go back to Houston.
Needless to say we are breathing prayers for the Webb's as we pack and organize the house.
Mom, Caro, and I will be able to stay until the first of June, then Mica will be left on her own to keep the home fires burning.
This will be the first time for her to run a house on her own and she hopes to try and chronicle her experiences each day.
Much like I did when I watched the Apodaca family after Joshua was born.
Sophia and Mia can be quite entertaining so I hope you will check back periodically for some wonderful laughs and thoughts.

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