Thursday, April 12, 2012

For the Love of God

I downloaded a free (and legal) album last year, off of Noisetrade, called Far Country. I'll admit, I had to listen to it a few times to get into it, but not I really have enjoyed a appreciated the songs. My particularly favorite songs are: Far Country, Mystery of Mercy, The Queen of Iowa, and

For the Love of God 

Yesterday we drove all night to Pittsburgh
Jamie laid her head down in the back
My little boys asleep beside their sister
They’re the best I have

I brought an old recording of your father
He was teaching men and women how to love
He carried on about his sons and daughters
Growing up

As we drove across Ohio
At the dawning of the day
I could hear the tune of truth was in his voice
And it felt just like I knew him
Though I never saw his face
Maybe that’s because I know his boys
Who live their lives

[Refrain]For the love of God
In the name of Jesus
The groom who gave his life
To love his bride

I know you thought you’d never find a woman
I never thought I’d have to write this song
But here I am and there you are together
After all

You felt like you were buried
In a city underground
All broken bits and pieces of the past
And somewhere she was searching
On the surface of the mound
She was digging for a treasure that would last
Now she’s giving you her heart


Now, love is not a feeling in your chest
It is bending down to wash another’s feet
It is faithful when the sun is in the west
And in the east

It can hurt you as it holds you
In its overwhelming flood
Till only the unshakeable is left
“This new command I give you,” He said,
“Love as I have loved”
So brother, love her better than yourself
And give her your heart

                                                        -Andrew Peterson (2005)

I am rather confident that you are familiar with Andrew Peterson (if not check out the links), because I know I've mentioned him more than twice. So now I can add one more post to my list.

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