Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mica!

Dear dumpling--uh, I mean-- Mica,
I'm aware that it is no longer the 14th in Dubai, but it is here!
Well, no special entitlements come with turning 18...19, except the fact that you get to add bigger number to your age [insert cheesy smile]!
You are a special, dear friend and sister, but different from Elena or Nicole!
Like the shop owners in Dubai say, " Same, same, but different."
Love you!
Happy Birthday!

Very, very long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Mica and Dad!
Do they ever change?

With friends, at one of our last days at the beach in California.

For one of Mica's birthdays, we tried to surprise her by having the Webbies come for a day trip.

Mica, Hope, and Luke, while the Neal's stayed with us.

NYC, with our dear friend Joanna!

[somewhere in 2010]

John and Mica
During a tight schedule of filming, editing, and basically making an entire movie before 2p(our film class), we managed to fit a mud war in...somehow.

Dom and Mica.

Ms. Producer!
Mica had just received the shirts for her film, Filmodus Operandi.

Oh, and Dad says happy birthday too!
Caro :)

P.S Dear Reader,
By now, you must realize how excruciatingly Painful it is
to choose only 10 pictures, from ten million. If you haven't guessed this, then let me tell you,
yes, it is painful.

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The Armour Family said...

Happy Birthday, Mica!

May you grow more in the love and knowledge of your saviour in the upcoming year. Have a blessed day! :)

The Armour Family


Yes, Caro, I do indeed know how impossible it is to choose only a few pictures - I had to deal with that last night. Very painful, to be sure! :)


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