Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some thoughts from our small group

We recently finished our small group class for this semester and we participated in one based off of A Portriat of Paul by Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker. Here is the book's product description:

"What does a true pastor look like, and what constitutes a faithful ministry? How can we identify the life and labors of one called by God to serve in the church of Jesus Christ? To address these questions, Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker examine how the apostle Paul describes his pastoral relation to the people of God in Colossians 1:24-2:5. By discussing these essential attitudes, qualities, and characteristics of a faithful minister of Christ, A Portrait of Paul provides gospel ministers an example of what they should be, and demonstrates for churches the kind of pastors they will seek if they desire men after God's own heart." 

Among many things, this book has showed me a great deal of what elders must bear as shepherds. The book describes what elders should look like according to scripture, what burdens they bear as elders, and how I ought to pray for them. It also talks about church members and fellow Christians and what their role is in the church and as it relates to elders. It was very insightful to understanding the ministry of the apostle Paul and how, ultimately, our greatest model is Christ and His faithfulness to the church.

In Christ,

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