Tuesday, April 13, 2010

14 Things I'm Thankful For......

1. My Family
for kindness, laughter, care, patience, and love they have, which I only begin to realize.

2. April blue bonnets.

3. Rainy Days,
cold dark wet rainy days, the kind that you want curl up on the couch with a cup of tea.

4. My beautiful nieces and nephew ( and I hope more to come).

5. Honest friends.

6. Good books.
Such as Mother, Laddie, Gladys Alyward, The Hiding place, First We Have Coffee, and on and on.

7. Our church, GfBC,
for their preaching and fellowship.

8. Sleep!
Now more than ever, 10 hours to be exact.

9. A good movie with some of Mica's popcorn , and watching with family

10. The beloved kitties, Maggie and Benny!
We sadly have to get rid of them due to Dominic's and other peoples allergies. :(
Does any want two cute, indoor cats?

11. For tough times that we go through, that shape and mold us, and strengthen our trust in Him.

Thank you Loyd family for showing us this book.

13. Music.
And not just music that talks of man and his greatness, but of God.

14. Most of all God for putting me in such a family, and blessing me!


Elena said...

Great post Caro!

I love you :)

Nicole said...

Great post! I love all the pictures. I'll have to do one of these soon. Love you!

Richard said...


I enjoyed this post very much. It comes across as sincere and thoughtful! These are two good traits you exhibit. May God be blessed through your writings!

With Great Love,


Carolina said...

"Thank you, thank you very much!"
Caro :)

Jennifer said...

Caro, I love your family and April Bluebonnets, too! :)
I loved reading this :)


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