Friday, January 8, 2010

Coming out of hiding...

I realized last week how much we haven't posted in December but I decided not to do anything about it until now :). Probably the best way to briefly sum up what we did is with pictures. The newest are at the top. Enjoy! I will post later with more words than pictures :).

John and Elena.
Hope, Luke, and I the day the Neals left... very sad day :(.

We celebrated mom's birthday by surprising her (again)! We had some of her closest friends over for coffee and biscotti.

Lunchtime with the Neals!

We had the Vaughns and Hoods over for Christmas dinner.

John had his fifth birthday while at our house. We had mac n cheese with hot dogs on the side for dinner... his request.

I had my first violin recital... it went well :).

We were privileged to have the Neals stay with for a bit. This is Faith, or Elisabeth... as she insisted we call her when playing dress-ups.

And I got my haircut the day after my birthday by Ms. Amy. I love it!

We celebrated my birthday with the Webbs, who were the best birthday presents!

Elena enjoyed a weeks vacation with the Bauchams in Florida.
We Christmas carolled in our neighborhood with friends from church and then we all met back at our house for refreshments and fun :).

In Austin with Dominic.


Ashlee said...

Don't you just love John's big blue eyes? What a great summary of your last few weeks!

in company with sparkles said...

This makes me miss you all! We'll see the Neals tonight and I'll think of you.
I hope you had a lovely time at Disneyland, Elena, and I wish I could have seen your violin performance, Mica!


Ronda Hendrix said...

Mica---Love, Love, Love, the new hair! Please tell your family hello for me! I always enjoy reading your posts. You guys inspire me!

Ronda Hendrix


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