Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Birthday

Dear readers,
Well, Mica is "sixteen, going on seventeen" and will be in six days (14, December),
unfortunately I will not be here on her actual birthday.
(Yes, she is a bit sore and I don't think she will ever let me forget it)
Seventeen is a nice number;
it has a great song that goes along with it, and I remember seventeen being a good year for me...that was before braces...
Anyway, please remember to comment and wish her well, tell her she is a jolly, good fellow, and give her some piece of wonderful wisdom that you have learned.
I know she will appreciate that.
Picture: Mica and Caro. Thanksgiving 2002

1 comment:

Alex said...

Happy pre-birthday, Mica! 17 is a good number. I've been enjoying it thus far, and I've still got about 10 months more of this age to enjoy. :D We should really try to see each other a *tad* more often than of late. ;)

May God bless you throughout this coming year. {Don't be sore, be happy! :) :) :) }


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