Monday, November 30, 2009

19 Thankful Thoughts from Elena

This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving prints, and I can't even remember the name of the artist. Ah well, thank you, Unknown Artist :)

19. Peonies,
Yes, peonies :)
There is just something about this delicate, beautiful flower
that makes each room brighter.
A vase of tulips, as cheerful as they are, just wouldn't have the same effect.
18. The healing and soothing lavender
I discovered my great love of it last week when 1/4 c. of boiling oil
jumped out of the french fry pan.
Now, my hand looks almost as good as new :)

17. Good Books
It's been said in very many wonderful quotes that a man is
moulded by the books he reads (And if you happen to know of a good quote pertaining this, please comment!)
I firmly believe this is true. What a person chooses to read has a tremendous amount of influence over that persons thoughts and ideas, yes, even in the midst of films and entertainment.
Which is why I am thankful for the wonderful amount of inspiring authors, who articulated themselves and their thoughts very well.
Speaking of inspiring authors...

16. Corrie and Betsie Ten Boom
1900 to 1948 is one of my very favorite time periods in history,
particularly during World War's I and II.
And even I must admit that this can be one of the most depressing periods to read.
So, I was very happy to read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom; it is dreadful and sobering to read her story, and it puts things into a different perspective. But amidst all of her sorrow and pain, each of her cries of anguish is followed by a praise of God's sovereignty.
Reading her and Betsie's story made this dreadful time
period have a sense of hope and peace in Him.
(Number 15 comes from on of my favorite parts in the book)
15. That there are no "If's" in God's kingdom
Through different things that have happened in the past few months, I have come to hold this truth very dear: God is sovereign.
There are no questions or gray areas when it comes to His hand in our lives.
Everything has a purpose, no matter how difficult or stormy the time of your life may seem.
He knows and is in control.
14. It's A Wonderful Life
This time of the year would be lacking without some good old Christmas movies.
Every year we make time to watch this one, whether we are sewing or ironing, it's so fun to watch the wonderful James Stewart in this classic Capra film.
13. Music
Particularly Bach's cello concerto's, Frank Sinatra, Soundtrack music, John Mayer, Mozart's symphonies, Martha Wainwright, music from Sovereign Grace Ministries, and Ella Fitzgerald.
12. Scones
With or without a hot cup of tea, scones are yummy.
11. John Piper
He is another one of my new favorite authors and I have really enjoyed each of the books I've read, including: Desiring God, A Hunger For God, The Dangerous Duty of Delight,
and Future Grace.
He has one consistent and powerful message.
10. His tender Mercies that are new every morning

9. Turkey and Cranberry Sauce

8.Cooler Weather
So, I have never been a fan of hot weather; most often I would rather be too cold than too hot. And I think growing up in central and western Texas has a lot to do with my opinion.

6. Godly Examples

Like the Beach family

5. Warm biscuits with butter and honey

4. The Church
And this isn't limited to Grace Family Baptist but to the Body of Christ as a whole. It has been so neat to me to witness and be apart of the instant bonding you have with complete strangers, and all because you are both believers.
There is a sweet warmth and familiarity that comes with meeting other believers.

3. Supportive family

Including but not limited to the sweet Apodaca Family

2. The Webbs

1. Mom and Dad

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