Monday, July 13, 2009

Recent blog find...

A few weeks ago I started reading the blog of Abraham and Molly Piper; it's mostly Molly who writes on the blog but it is about the entire family:)
I've said before that I really enjoy reading John Piper's books and blog; now I am also enjoying his son's family blog. Each post is interesting and I really like the way she writes.

One of the main reasons I think I enjoy it is because I am a highly emotional person.
Yes, I know it's not all about me, however, I think highly emotional people tend to fall into periods of being slightly depressed and are somewhat easily grieved over something/someone.
They also tend to write encouraging things and give good, practical advice to people who are hurting; because they know what it's like.

Molly Piper knows what it is to truly grieve, and as a result has a very realistic yet encouraging outlook on this blog.
Please don't think that every post is dripping with dramatic agony and sorrow; that would be called a depressing blog.
What each post has is honesty and the willingness to put your thoughts and ideas on a public place for everyone to see.
I hope that you will see that it has a beauty that can only come from the Lord and the courage to persevere through various trials.

Which is especially helpful for someone like me.


Ashlee said...

Thanks for sharing Elena!

This blog looks really enjoyable as well as insightful. Next time I get a spare moment, I hope to read and learn more about John Piper and his books.

By the way, the new Pickwick Portfolio blog background is very nice. It reminds me so much of you guys. What a great pair!

Margarita Marques said...

Dearest Elena,
You have insight and compassion that no other can match, praise God, that you may use it for His glory.


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