Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello! This is Caro. I am sure most people who are reading this already know my name and age etc. (well maybe not all of you) but for the one or two people who might glance at this, I am 12 years old and if you did not read my profile I like to make clay figures and I like to draw and read, we just finished reading "George Muller" mommy the girls and I, oh we bought Cranford and North and South today! hmm.....what else? well I suppose I'll tell you what I have been doing, well daddy has been teaching me some excel for a project I am working on ( military secrets and such) oh and I have been doing some clay not really that much I'm working on a certain family that I know, I guess I shall give you a proper introduction of Benny and Maggie they are from the same litter and they are 3 month old kitty's that are the cutest things Benny's real name is Abednigo but we nicknamed him Benny and he has the colors of a simees cat but is to fat to be one and he is a scaredy cat and has pretty blue eyes, and then there is Maggie real name Magdalene and she is a very pretty Tabby and is a scavenger also very........... mischievous and both of them have also given me quite a few painful cuts and enjoy waking me and the girls up at 3 o'clock in the morning. but we still love them, we took them to the vet a few days ago and my goodness why does everybody like Chihuahua's and those type's of dog?!?! Well half the room was filled with them oh and there was a HUGE dog there a massive great Dane no joke that dog standing up is probably the same height as Elena. and then when it was this dogs turn to go in it tried to hide behind a bench. You know its interesting how dog owners resemble their dog. anyways we finally get into the room and Benny weighs 5 pounds! and Maggie weighs like 3 pounds. Now that I have finished my introduction which was really all about Benny and Maggie and now I'll stop here for now I apologize if I have bored you I shall talk about something differrent (something besides cats) next time. :):)
Caro :)


Anna McFarland said...

I wasn't bored about the cats! Especially since I have seen them. Thank you for informing me of your clay making skills. I didn't know that... My real reason for writing is to discover the military secrets that you wrote about. You see I am a not-so-undercover spy:) I can't wait for futher information. Love to all the Marques family,
Anna McFarland

Rachel Barnett said...

I bought North and South and Cranford just the other day! I cant wait to start reading them, and i've already seen both the movies. Elizabeth Gaskell is a genius.

Jasmine said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I *love* Cranford!! Did you buy the movies or the books?

Carolina said...

we bought the movie's at Fry's and now we are hoping to get "Wives and Dauthers" and the new "Sense and Sensibility".
Caro :)


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